Cameron McLaughlin


Disclaimer:This music represents the truth of me as an artist; good, bad, or otherwise


The more music that I play, the more I love it.  I enjoy most genres, and I take pride in being able to ‘fake’ many of them :-p  One thing that always stood out to me in terms of taking steps to become more professional would be when people say, “Well send me a sample of what you do,” or “Send me something impressive.”  Without getting too literal, there’s no real way to know what will be impressive to someone, and how can you send a song that represents, all that you do?  The idea for my personal archive, is one that foresight and the current technological age make possible, and I hope that many more artists do the same.  not only for the sake of having recorded material, but to really allow the listener to get a glimpse at who you really are as an artist, and how you’ve progressed over the course of a career.

A few examples come to mind when you look at musical giants.  I’ve heard stories time and time again where an avid fan approaches the person and asks him what they were thinking about when they played this run, or that lick, and the person always looks at them and with varying degrees of tact and politeness tells them that they don’t know, don’t remember, didn’t care, just played random notes, or were thinking about a hot dog, a hot chick, or how hot it was in the studio.

Another perspective on this, is that the albums that we cherish and learn as musicians, are but a small slice of what that artist does.  YouTube has made things much better, and gone are the days of sitting down with an album and learning every little lick that a person does, as we now have a plethora of examples to pull from, live, studio, and bootleg.

Roy “Futureman” Wooten once said the most graceful thing he ever saw was when a ballerina fell during a rehearsal.  in that moment, he saw so many beautiful things that the audience would never see.  The ‘before’ and ‘after’ of an unplanned moment, and a “mistake” at that.  That perspective was an inspiration for a lot of what i had been doing naturally, and appreciating in others.  in music, we value perfection and  sometimes we devalue the artist/human.  These recordings are not perfect, but it’s ok.  It shows you who I was at that place in time, and the one take I decided to keep!  Who knows what i threw out.

That is the underlying thought process for compiling as much of my material as I can here.  In doing so, if someone were to require an example of what I do, or who I am, or what may be impressive, or unimpressive, they can choose it from here :-p

For my children, and the people and artists whom I potentially could influence, this will give them a glimpse of who I am, and will probably still exist even when I’m long gone.  This is my Legacy.